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Lovely boys with slings

And One Day Soon We Will Be Using The Expression Boys Will Be Boys To Describe This. Best memes on gender equality.

Marsupial Mamas, LLC — Natibaby Red-Pink Alma Mater (Linen Blend)

Baby Carrier Wrap Alma Mater RED/PINK, made by Natibaby, in pattern Alma Mater, contains cotton linen Limited Edition, released 14 November 2012

Beautiful sibling love

this is so sweet // big brother babywearing (for photo purposes only)

Träd!!! Didymos sycamore alley

Didymos Sycamore Alley- So green and trees!

Emmaljunga stroller

Emmaljunga stroller

My new love *sigh*  Surely someone wants to buy me this :)  Kokadi  Amelie in Wunderland  Royal Blue and Black Size 5

Nurture Nest Kokadi Amelie in Wunderland woven wrap (limited!

Ljuvlig sjal!

Ljuvlig sjal!

Girasol Corrina's Rainbow *cuervo* twill exclusive woven wrap 9/2013 $160

girasol gothic rainbow diamond weave - yaaaaay, it's on the way!


Rainbow twill weave wrap with black weft.

Ink and baby. And a sweet little wrap carrier.

Tattooed bearded dad with his little baby = mom porn! I can't wait to see my hot, bearded husband do some babywearing!