I've used these a lot for my clients and they really love them, especially for a kitchen island. DeFINE Design

Planning a kitchen remodel? Don't touch a thing until you see these awesome kitchen organization ideas! It'll be the best kitchen renovation ever!

This Virtual Keyboard | 18 Gadget Gift Ideas From The Depths Of The Internet. Fivetwentyfour Group will supply the items you need that will suit your budget. Contact ww.Fivetwentyfour.ca #promoproducts

Laser Projected Keyboard - Futuristic style laser projection virtual keyboard that lets you type whenever you need it. It's portable, sleek, sturdy and practical.

A motorized bike for post-apocalyptic regulating. "The Survival Bike: Black Ops Edition hits the trail with a compound crossbow, fuel storage, shovel, tomahawk, harpoon, blade saw, climbing gear, lights and a smattering of tools and knives." - from Motoped

A motorized bike will help you survive the apocalypse

Presenting The Survival Bike: Black Ops Edition. Motopeds has outfitted it with a compound crossbow, fuel storage, climbing gear and more.

The transparent Aston Martin android phone

Canadian luxury cellphone maker Mobiado teamed up with Aston Martin to create an amazing cell phone, the Mobiado Aston Martin Concept Phone

How 3D printing works - infographic

How 3D Printers Work (Infographic)

How Printers Work (Infographic) Ross Toro, LiveScience ContributorDate: 18 June 2013

Bummer 23.01.12: Alas, sad news for all you fans of four-on-one fun, Fujitsu has got back to us and confirmed that while this concept was submitted for the Fujitsu Design 2011 award, it will not become an official product.

Fujitsu ponders Lifebook laptop-tablet-camera-phone concept

This is Awesome! Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 - In its smart and sleek design, the Fujitsu Lifebook aims to integrate a camera, a tablet and a smartphone into a laptop - this is awesome!

#Mobile Apps and Customer Engagement www.socialmediamamma.com

Customer engagement with mobile apps infographic. People spend more time on a mobile app than on personal grooming!

New technology

Top 80+ des montres design, insolites et originales (et qui donnent l’heure en plus)

If you think you have seen crazy designs on watches, then think again. Check out the Alessi Invisible Shot Laser watch. Although it’s purpose is to show time, a watch design can hardly be weirder than this. Looks exactly like a bracelet the device feature

Sony Project Morpheus - Virtual Reality Headset

Sony Unveils Project Morpheus - Its Own Virtual Reality Headset

Sony: Project Morpheus is as game-changing a technology as sound was to silent films

World's first Smartwatch with auto-sync across your devices: Android, IOS, Windows, OS X and Linux. Does not require an internet connection. It's fast and no monthly fees! http://igg.me/at/revault

World's first Smartwatch with auto-sync across your devices: Android, IOS…

Wear your ReVault as a watch, pendant or keychain! How would you? http://igg.me/at/revault

Wear your ReVault as a watch, pendant or keychain! How would you? http://igg.me/at/revault

World's First Smart, Connected Office Desk — Powered By AI. by Robotbase — Kickstarter

Autonomous Desk: The Smartest Office Desk Yet, Powered by AI by Robotbase — Kickstarter