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15 Gardening Tips and Clever Ideas

How to garden and how to plant vegetables and fruits can be challenging. How to keep plants alive and heathy is a talent that can be learned. Today I’m sharing 15 awesome gardening tips and clever ideas to inspire us all to get outside and start our own gardens and landscaping. Take a look! Here they …

Informational pin about the differences between indica and sativa Weed Facts, Cannabis Cultivation, Cannabis Edibles, Growing Weed, Organic Gardening Tips, Medical Marijuana, Growing Vegetables, Weed, Medicinal Plants

Cannabis Training University (@CannabisTU) on Twitter

The latest Tweets from Cannabis Training U (@CannabisTU). The World's Best Online Marijuana School! Start a Cannabis Career today at https://t.co/sBpCsunhdE. Denver, CO

How to Identify Female and Male Marijuana Plants. If you are growing marijuana for medicinal purposes, you need to know how to identify female and male marijuana plants. Almost all growers prefer female marijuana plants because only. Cannabis Cultivation, Cannabis Plant, Weed Types, Weed Facts, Growing Weed, Medical Marijuana, Growing Vegetables, Weed Art, Modern Gardens

How to Identify Female and Male Marijuana Plants

If you are growing marijuana for medicinal purposes, you need to know how to identify female and male marijuana plants. Almost all growers prefer female marijuana plants because only females produce the coveted buds needed for medicinal...

herbmedication: “ what you need to know about these strains World Class Cannabis Seeds ” Ganja Stuff Cannabis Edibles, Cannabis Plant, Growing Weed, Weed Types, Thc Oil, Medical Marijuana, Stoner Humor, Herbs, Smoking Weed

What in the World are Terpenes and Why do They Matter?

I love the smell of cannabis products. Whether it is flower or a CBD lotion, the scent is so delicious to me. Sometimes it’s earthy, sometimes it’s sweet, and sometimes it’s a mixture of things. The reason that cannabis has such a unique smell is because of the terpenes that the plant produces. You might think this is

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How Long Does It Take to Grow Weed Indoors? | Grow Weed Easy

by Nebula Haze This is one of the most common questions we receive from curious soon-to-be indoor cannabis growers: How long does it really take to grow weed? What's the growing timeline? It's actually a really good question! Every new marijuana grower should know how much work they're signing up for! The short answer is... The Average Indoor Grow Takes 3-5 Months

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La técnica de main lining, apunta a la productividad en nuestro cultivo y se basa en el aprovechamiento de la tendencia apical del cannabis (crece hacia arriba y hacia abajo) en nuestro beneficio. El cannabis es una planta apical, esto quiere decir que tomaremos todo el poder que la planta le manda a su cúspide, a la flor de arriba... es decir a su gran flor apical y haremos que trate todos los brazos de la planta como si fueran el de más arriba. Por tanto intentaremos hacer un eje central…

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How To: Grow Bonsai Cannabis Trees!

zen The state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort. Cannabonsai A sculptural art form centered around growing bonsai cannabis plants that incorporate the stylings of Eastern and Western Bonsai traditions. Learn more about Zen Cannabonsai and my history with cannabis for pain management in this […]

To "flux" cannabis means to build a grid-like manifold at the base of the plant. This creates many big colas and can help maximize yields from a grow light! Growing Weed Indoors, Growing Greens, Growing Herbs, Herbs Indoors, Hydroponic Grow Systems, Hydroponic Growing, Marijuana Plants, Cannabis Plant, Weed Facts

What is the Cannabis "Fluxing" Technique? | Grow Weed Easy

by Nebula Haze (article created with permission from Light Addict) I recently joined Instagram and I saw that there are many growers who use an eye-catching cannabis growing technique that's been named "fluxing." A little research shows that the fluxing technique was developed by a grower by the name

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Growing Your Own Plants Indoors

If you’re reading this, that means you’re ready to start growing your own veggies, fruit, and flowers, and that's huge! Once you get the hang...

We don`t have the opportunity every day to interview a cannabis artist so it is very exciting to have Stunted here who kindly agreed to answer some questions specially for Autoflower Portal. Cannabis Wallpaper, Cannabis Cultivation, Green Farm, Marijuana Plants, Grow Lights, Medical Marijuana, Hydroponics, Gardens, Herbs

Micro cultivo: Marihuana de calidad en espacios minúsculos - Info Cannabis Magazine

Seguramente que alguna vez has pensado en cultivar tu propia marihuana, pero al final decidiste que es demasiado complicado. Un micro cultivo es todo lo que buscas y mucho más.

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Cómo conseguir un mayor rendimiento de tu planta de cannabis con la técnica del Main Lining.

El main lining es una técnica que permite dirigir el crecimiento de una planta de cannabis para formar un “eje” o "colector" de un solo nodo, creando un centro para que la distribución de nutrientes sea igual desde las raíces a cada rama. Esta técnica provoca una cosecha de cogollos más grandes y densos. Dejando a la planta crecer de manera convencional, cada conexión al tronco principal está a una distancia diferente de las raíces. La planta produce diferentes vías para llevar los…

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Techniques de taille pour cannabis

Dans cet article, nous passerons en revue les techniques de taille les plus courantes qui offrent des résultats garantis et qui s’appliquent facile

Bay Area expert gardener Johanna Silver walks you through how to cultivate your very own weed garden in 7 steps. Hydroponic Grow Systems, Hydroponic Gardening, Hydroponics, Gardening Tips, Growing Weed, Growing Herbs, Cannabis Cultivation, Gardens, Ganja

Gardening: Cannabis in 7 steps

Bay Area expert gardener Johanna Silver walks you through how to cultivate your very own...

Get a summary of all the most common plant training techniques that growers use to increase their cannabis yields indoors! Cannabis Cultivation, Cannabis Plant, Growing Weed Indoors, Hydroponic Grow Systems, Weed Plants, Weed Seeds, Plants, Ganja, Flowers

Complete Guide to Cannabis Plant Training | Grow Weed Easy

by Nebula Haze Table of Contents Introduction to Plant Training: Indoor Training Tactics for Bigger Yields! Three Main Types of Plant Training 1.) Bending & Securing Parts of the Plant

 Cannabis seeds for sale. Fertilizers for growth, grow tents and lighting kits. Indoor Aquaponics, Aquaponics System, Aquaponics Fish, Aquaponics Greenhouse, Growing Weed, Marijuana Plants, Cannabis Plant, Cannabis Seeds For Sale, Medical Marijuana

Main-Lining Tutorial on Training Marijuana Plants | Grow Weed Easy

"Main-Lining" definition: a form of training and managing canopy that builds a "hub" off of a single node and creates a "manifold" for equal energy distribution from the root mass to the growing tops.