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Birdy - Skinny Love [Official Music Video]  Wonderful version of Bon Ivers  - Skinny Love

Birdy - Skinny Love I absolutely love this song so much emotion! -me So you're you play the piano, you can sing very well AND you turn all your covers into better versions of the original songs. That's pretty fly for a 15 year-old :)

This weeks favourite.. Joakim from kent on song!! Adrian Lux  - All I Ever Wanted (feat. Joakim Berg) (Original Mix) (2012)

My 2 main music loves trance & rock come together in this awesome track by Swedish producer Adrian Lux. Joakim Berg of the Swedish rock band Kent (which I also love) provides the lyrics and vocals.

Trixie Whitley's "A Thousand Thieves"

The American filmmaker kicks up a storm with his startling new music video for singer-songwriter Trixie Whitley. "All of a sudden, she lets out her voice and.

Converse by Marimekko.. or Marimekko by Converse ;)

Converse by Marimekko. or Marimekko by Converse ;

Finally home ;) My new sneakers Adidas München.. Pure Love!!

Finally home ;) My new sneakers Adidas München.

En fredag...

En fredag...