This looks very similar to one of my favourite spots on the lake where we had our family cabin...

Dear future husband, please string lights down the dock, have a row boat waiting at the end with flowers and propose to me on the water!

wood storage

With burning bush hedge and forsythia in the back row -- woodshed.possibly needs bigger shed roof or tarp over the wood for wind the snow and sleet blows sideways.

Dark timber walls with light wooden floors in outside patio area.

Black and white combination is a classic in interior design and this Finnish home of interior editor Jonna Kivilahti, showcases it beautifully.

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structure: I like the cube look, but Aron worries about it not being united with house rooflines. Chunky black timber pergola and lime washed deck. Pinned to Garden Design - Pergolas by Darin Bradbury.

Mudrooms | A mudroom on an open porch...keeps the mud out!

Your own private island retreat

New and bigger terrace

New and bigger terrace (Stylizimo blog)