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PA and the kitties

Sven Nordqvist


Pettson and his cat Findus; from a series of children's books by Swedish author and illustrator Sven Nordqvist

Sven Nordqvist

Sherry Jordan saved to Pettson und Findus Sven Nordqvist

Sven Nordqvist. Pettson & Findus

Pettson & Findus Christmas ~~ cartoon from Sweden ~~ in Finland they are "Viiru ja Pesonen"

Sven Nordqvist Pettson and Findus

Sweden - Swedish Summer Lifestyle - Sven Nordqvist Pettson and Findus

'Findus at Christmas' by Sven Nordqvist

Findus at Christmas (Findus and Pettson) - AbeBooks - Sven Nordqvist: 1907359052

Sven Norqvist - Pettson & Findus

Pettson and Findus illustrated by Sven Norquist.

Sven Nordqvist. Swedish writer and illistrator. The author of <Pettson en Findus>

Sven Otto Rickard Nordqvist (born 30 April is a Swedish writer and illustrator of children's books