freeze green grapes to keep white wine cold - nice presentation plus doesn't water anything down

Freeze green grapes to keep white wine cold and to make a pretty presentation for guests such a good idea, and frozen grapes are a yummy treat anyway in the summer!

pops in prosecco!

Champagne poured over popsicles. Dip popsicle in champagne and eat popsicle.or Let popsicle completely melt into champagne and drink fruity infused champagne.

Wine corks

Check out "DIY Home Decor- Cork Bottles " Decalz title='Lo. Love wine and have a large collection of corks, have thought about making art out of them. Love the ombré effect of this from the red wine corks! - Keep your wine cold without diluting!

oh Put a cork in it, already! perfect gift for any wine drinker. A reusable "icicle" with a cork on top.

Major types of white wines

Sauvignon Blanc grape variety Sauvignon Blanc is Cabernet Sauvignon's mother, and a perfect match for the high acidity of goat cheese.

The 10 best wines under 15 bucks.

10 Best Wines Under $15

The 10 best wines under 15 bucks. --The only thing is that it's from 'Men's Health,' so some of the fun, cheap, girly wines aren't on here.

Major types of red wines

(Mare-lo) Easy to drink. The softness of Merlot has made it an "introducing" wine for new red-wine drinkers. Food pairings: any will do. i prefer a red meat to drink this with

Wine Country Dreamin’: Napa or Sonoma?

Wine Country Dreamin’: Napa or Sonoma?

This post comes courtesy of Williams-Sonoma associate Steven Lauer. So, you’ve decided to take a trip to the Northern California Wine Country and you .

<3 in a bottle - Siena

in a bottle - Siena