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aestus_estus blonde_hair blush breasts center_opening cleavage commentary dress epaulettes fate/extra fate_(series) green_eyes hitsukuya red_dress saber_extra see-through smile solo

70 君を映す鏡 p站 二次元 原创 插画 壁纸 少女 倒影 - 堆糖 发现生活_收集美好_分享图片

Anime girl and a reflection of who she would be if she was the opposite of herself -hi guys,sorry if I didnt pin pins this few weeks cause I was busy doing my projects first ssooo now Im back. some anime pins!

「14番目の鳥籠」/「ひとし」のイラスト [pixiv]

Anime picture with original hitoshi long hair single tall image open mouth looking at viewer pink hair sitting yellow eyes sunlight city shadow angel wings cityscape dress weapon flower (flowers) ribbon (ribbons) wings