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Are you a nurse with a man?Or a man with a nurse?

Eat, Squat, Repeat T-Shirt, a custom product made just for you by Teespring. - Represent the Herbalife 24 brand

Piano keyboard red jumper sweater. #fashion #style #music #sweater #piano #musicfashion #clothes

Piano keyboard red jumper sweater. #fashion #style #music #sweater #piano #musicfashion #clothes

True Story.

I am a musician. I will play for free anytime, all of the time, but I will need five hundred dollars to move my equipment and one hundred dollars to pay the sound guy.

Dockin' guitar.  Dock on.

If I ever have a lake in the garden of my dream house, this idea might be very suitable! I'd pick a different guitar design though. Brian May's guitar, Slash's, . And that hole in the middle of the guitar?


Songify auto tuned this classic vid of a fat ginger upset at South Park's revelation that his kind do not, in fact, have souls. What they do have, apparently, are anger management issues and questionable dance moves

Music makes us all feel free! #Music #Freedom #FeelMusic

Molly is similar to ecstasy. Molly is the latest "club drug" and has been steadily gaining in popularity. Molly has some real dangers.

50 Cent has been charged for domestic violence #50Cent #Love #Music

Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent, Could Face Up To Five Years In Jail And Fifty Thousand Dollars In Fines