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I just skipped to Canada thinking "what are they gonna say ? We're too nice? They can't offend us!" And then I saw the American flag and just narrowed my eyes

It's funny. I'm Polish and if I saw that sign anywhere, I would be really happy. Proof that not many people know polish real culture<<<I agree. I'm polish too.

Energy efficient LED stair lights by Trex Deck Lighting. Looks good and serves a great purpose. Led lighting is bright and uses much less energy then the regular lights people are used to.

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When I see my my transformation, and remember where I came from, I'm so motivated to keep pushing forward. I have came soooooo far. 50lbs, never thought I would see the day, EVER. I only had a goal of 40lbs, lost more just for my bikini competition. My mindset before hand was very depressing, where I was mentally and physically, surrounding, negative energy,no church, it just wasn't a good place. At my edge, where I was ready to give up on myself, no hope or faith...i was lost...But God.

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