Modern Meets Boho In This Gorgeous NYC Apartment Revamp

Modern Meets Boho In This Gorgeous NYC Apartment Revamp - Combining neutrals and sleek lines with bold texture is a great way to keep the eye moving throughout your space.

If you aren't artistic enough to draw or paint your own art, adorn those empty walls with free photos, illustrations and patterns that are up for grab online. Here are seven of our favorite, less-than-well-known sources to score free images.

Find Free Art: 7 Secret Sources for Photos, Illustrations and Patterns

After you shell out cash for furniture, rugs, sconces and duvet covers, the thought of paying even more for artwork is overwhelming

String system now available to order through our store!

The String Pocket is a shelving system perfectly suited to style any room in your house as the ultimate design piece and available in multiple colours.

Grote wandkast voor boeken - platen - cd's - gezelschapspelletjes - decoratie + Fan van string systeem

At just deep String is the perfect storage solution for any space. Just keep adding more as and when you need it!

SECRET BERBERE crédit photos: Julie Ansiau Stylisme: Miluccia  #secretberbere #tapis #miluccia

La tendance du moment au rayon