Free pattern Olivier

Amigurumi Elephant - FREE Crochet Pattern / Tutoria l. First elephant pattern I've found where the trunk isn't really creepy.

Happypotamus The Happy Hippo Crochet Pattern |

Happypotamus The Happy Hippo pattern by Heidi Bears

Where to Buy The Happy Hippo Crochet African Flower Free Pattern - Crochet Craft, Crochet Hippopotamus, Pink Bow

Kifli és levendula: Manók kávékapszulából

Coral Nadalenca Cute little people - great way to re-use those coffee k-cups (or use little plastic shooter cups)

recept på trolldeg

DIY: Trolldeg!

Recipe for "trolldeg" to make and paint small figurines

Casa Chervezhonka: Costura tilde Cutie: clase magistral sobre el cuerpo.

House Chervezhonka: Sewing cutie tilde: master class on the body.

Lalylala family made by Irene J.-K. / crochet patterns by lalylala

lalylala family made by Irene J. / crochet patterns by lalylala. For inspiration.


Amigurumi Owl Models Amigurumi knit owl toys models in the simplicity of my favorite and I want to share with you a model without any doubt.