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Blood Pheasant

Blood pheasant (Ithaginis cruentus) is the only species in genus Ithaginis of the pheasant family. This relatively small, short-tailed pheasant is widespread and fairly common in eastern Himalayas, ranging across India, Nepal, Bhutan and China.

Game Birds - the Galliformes

Laminated Gamebirds & Land Fowl Identification Poster Chart by Feenixx Posters This is an order / clade of heavy-bodied ground-feeding birds.

Rearing Game Birds and Gamekeeping by Beth Williams | Quiller Publishing. A comprehensive guide on how to raise pheasants and red-leg partridges, with particular emphasis on the health and welfare of the birds.Advice is given on rearing game in a low-cost and efficient manner, without compromising quality and ensuring the welfare of the birds is of paramount importance. Invaluable for amateurs and professionals alike. #game #birds #gamekeeping #pheasant #partridge

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5 Things I Didn’t Know Before Raising Pheasants

Thinking about adding pheasants to your homestead? Here are some things I learned after we added them to ours. -- Five Things I Didn't Know Before Raising Pheasants - A Farmish Kind of Life

hey... I'm  wolfhowl I'm a mean tom and I have no crush I don't think much about mates I wanna team with wolfclaw

Hollywatcher: Rank: StormClan Warrior Alive or Dead: Alive black oriental shorthair she-cat, hazel eyes

Oriental Shorthair Cat

- Look at that soul - Wat a sweetie! Please support your local shelters and rescue groups and always adopt, never shop and please don't breed or buy while shelter animals die. Please spay or neuter all your pets too.