You are more beautiful when you are true to yourself. No one, none in this world, can replace the beauty you already poses. @Jolene S

22 Quotes About Self-Confidence That Will Brighten Up Your Life


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Inspirational Quotes: When you don’t know what the fuck do you feel.❤️ Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description When you don’t know what the fuck do you feel.

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Stars can't shine without darkness. Remember this, those who suffer from DEPRESSION, without the darkness.YOUR star can't shine!

Well, we just have one life.

Well, we just have one life. I want to get a tattoo of the word or number one. To temind me we only have one life and once chance to make the most of it

Epic Quote. This is just an amazing quote. I tend to do HUGE projects all by myself, like build very complex websites in relatively short amounts of time. This quote is the secret to my success. Just do one little thing at a time and it WILL add up in the end.

30 quotes to inspire travel in To me these words capture the true essence of traveling, escapism and adventure. Reading these travel quotes gives me butterflies.

13 Cantores e Bandas Indie Que Você Precisa Começar a Escutar Agora #ToveLo

"Everyday people do everyday things but I can't be one of them.we could be heroes me & you" - Alesso lyrics Alesso - heroes

I love these words!! So short and simple but strong sounding!!

How true is this? For so long I thought I had to accomplish certain things by certain mile markers in my life. But life is not broken up so rigidly. What a perfect reminder that our aspirations are actually limitless.

"If you walk fast and smile lots, then no one will notice that you are ugly" (rough translation...

"If you walk fast and smile lots, then no one will notice that you are ugly" (rough translation.