A Little Learning For Two: Ice Eggs

great summer idea-ice eggs - Freeze balloons filled with water and small toys. Cut balloon off and play with eggs outside. Provide spoons for cracking ice and digging treasures out. - looks like a great activity for hot summer days!

Dangly stick stars

make stars out of sticks another Easy Christmas Star Ornament idea. I did this last year, I made all different sized stars and displayed them on the fire place mantel

kids' desk

12 creative and unusual diy pencil holder ideas for your home office

Strawberry Chic: DIY Tuesday: Rustic Pencil Holder -- could make this for paint brushes so they could dry without touching each other!

Directions for bibs

Quilted Patchwork Bib Pattern And Tutorial

Riley Jean is going to get some wicked cute bids. Quilted Patchwork Bib Pattern And Tutorial « Sew She Sews's

Kite PIllow

Sukan / Yellow Kite White Linen Pillow Cover - Lumbar Pillow Cover - inch via Etsy

Dip-dyed candles

Dip-Dyed Candles

Dip-Dyed Candles Dip the base of a candle in beeswax tinted with crayon shavings for a simple, but elegant holiday gift. How to Make the Dip-Dyed Candles


Pallet Furniture has become something popular these days as upcycling and recycling has become something that we all need to be doing. There are literally thousands of things that can be done with an old wooden pallet.

Quick DIY brick candle stick (http://Annalidstrom.com) – http://Husligheter.se

DIY candle stick (brick

Just can't get enough of taper candles and how versatile they can be ~ Quick DIY brick candle. For outdoor fireplace on summer nights :)

Seed balls, seed bombs

The seedball—also known as a seedbomb, also known as awesome—is one way to show those neglected parts of town some love. Toss it and let it sprout and beflowe…