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we are all getting beat up by an enemy. we have to decide when to fight back.

Artists Portray Depression And The Results Are Scary Drawing look very scary like bullying, It's make me feeling scared because of their red creepy eyes, They are strangers look at this person was like depressed. Well, I feeling very sad.

『A3!』の夏組3人が夏を満喫している姿が眩しい!6月16日発売の「2D☆STAR Vol.7」よりWカバー表紙イラストが公開!

『A3!』の夏組3人が夏を満喫している姿が眩しい!6月16日発売の「2D☆STAR Vol.7」よりWカバー表紙イラストが公開!


Autumn Troupe releases song snippets for “Blooming AUTUMN” through special video

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