Också detta kompakt och utrymmeskrävande. Mot väggen rakt fram i vardagsrummet skulle den få plats men inte lämna nån till en framtida flygel (vilket vi gärna vill). Och det behövs nån slags räcke...

must do for my basement stairway/storage area

Sovloft är praktiska i attefallshus

16 inspirerande sovloft för attefallshus eller rum med högt i tak

All photos via Tiny Tall House While there are quite a few tempting "turn-key" tiny homes available to order right now, there's just something about a super personalized owner-built home that's extra thrilling to see.

Sveriges modernaste Attefallshus – kök

Loft stairs with storage

En helkroppsspegel med förvaring innanför

Full length mirror with jewelry storage inside. I want one. It would really help with my jewelry storage issue.If only I had the space for a full length mirror.

love this! (scheduled via http://www.tailwindapp.com?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=twpin&utm_content=post589627&utm_campaign=scheduler_attribution)

Nice farmhouse bedroom design idea with wood ladder to the second floor

compact living

it's a tiny house on a larger scale! A middle house! wonder what the sq. ft-age comes out to be?a middle house!

compact living

A Stunning Tiny House Kitchen, I LOVE the dining space incorporated into the kitchen bench - I would extend the loft further.

Resultat av Googles bildsökning efter http://lh4.ggpht.com/_FvyYWdhX7ks/TF-OEVOHAKI/AAAAAAAAFwY/pK8MC2OLjvU/ApartmantTherapyTrappamedflerafunkti_thumb.jpg

Under stair storage - create a craft room right in that little space next to the stairs! All the storage you'll need will be right there, so the floor space if free for your work!

Litet hus på 26 kvm. (ungefär 5 x 5 meter) Otroligt praktisk inredning på denna minimala yta.

Luxury Tiny House by Chris Heininge Construction. This is exactly the kind of tiny house I want, stairs, storage, sleek, etc. My dream house!

Ikea shoe drawers. Holds 27 pairs.

14 Inventive Ways to Organize Your Shoes

IKEA - HEMNES, Shoe cabinet with 2 compartments, black-brown, , Helps you organize your shoes and saves floor space at the same time.You will have room for plenty