Art Nouveau Door

Do you know, in Irish folklore, it is thought that painting one's door in red keeps away bad luck and wards off ghosts and evil spirits? :) I've always loved the idea of a red door, but with my Irish roots, this makes it even more charming :)


Beautiful old door for a garden gate! Or you could use a newer door, antique it and add an wrought iron or metal detail where the window is/was. A donde nos conducirá esta puerta

Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France

Door and Keys…Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France Vahe Toumanian photo - Door and entrance and red and white and black

art nouveau

Bruxelles art nouveau (Belgique), rue de Belle Vue / Bellevue straat, photo by…

Cranberry & mustard door in Greece~ ..rh

Pink Door, Symi Island, Greece by Pol Sandeman Türen, Tore, Fenster.

Art Nouveau

Jugendstil-Haustür (Art deco front door)in Essen-Rüttenscheid, by h.

Gorgeous Art Nouveau Door

Art Nouveau Drugstore (Farmacia) Entry Door, Villarroel 053 b, Sant Antoni, Barcelona, Spain - Art Nouveau Architecture - Photo by Arnim Schulz 🌻 For more great pins go to

Art Nouveau Door ~ Berlin

langoaurelian: nouveau-deco: Berlin - Jugendstil 006 (by Arnim Schulz) Digitally altered. Love the green!