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Funny Pictures – August 12, 2018
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Friend ordered a pizza today, asked for a joke on the box. They did not disappoint.
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Look at that van - FunSubstance
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28 of the best jokes - Funny
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Sparkling Tumblr Gems Uncovered From the Deep
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"The Tonight Show" Had Celebs Do Standup Using Jokes Written By Actual Kids And It Was Stupid Funny
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Tumblr Tuesday 10-18 - Strange Beaver
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upvote 5th comment please
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Lalways make sure to say "mucho" around my Spanish friends lt meansa why? lot to them - iFunny
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The Passion of the Crust
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let that sink in
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32 Pun-Filled Memes And Corny Jokes
I am very proud of this community - FunSubstance
I am very proud of this community - FunSubstance
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Solid Case
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I coundn't wheat to show you this a-maize-zing grainy image
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UFO caught on tape - America’s best pics and videos
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A little bit rad
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123 Funniest Puns To Make You Groan
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Niki Fones
Niki Fones
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Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
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Thegirlofeternalbalance: my-future-is-bulletproof: THEN IT WASN'T IT'S A WEAPON OF MASS CREATION - iFunny
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26 Pictures That Are Both Really, Really Dumb And Really, Really Funny
26 Pictures That Are Both Really, Really Dumb And Really, Really Funny
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Is This The Worst Video Game Joke of All Time?
Picture memes fdrWjN1u6: 2 comments — iFunny
Picture memes fdrWjN1u6: 2 comments — iFunny
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123 Funniest Puns To Make You Groan
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When this user probably realized exactly what this artist was going for.