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Decoideas: Christmas decorations that are to be eaten ~ Trendy and Wild-I was looking for inspiration to create a Christmas wreath that hung on the door, when I found some very unconventional ideas to decorate, it is that all of them were edible items.

Sweet Home: Jõuluehted

DIY: Table Top Christmas Tree from fresh evergreen clippings. Another great idea to use up Christmas Tree Trimmings.


Rascally Reindeer - a Fun Alternative to Elf on the Shelf

Everywhere & Nowhere: PAMK: Christmas to go!

Around this time of year finding wood, sticks and branches outside is an easy task with all of the trees having shed their leaves - but whats even better is how they can be used to transform your.

Julros kort och gott / fr Hemmets

5 vackra julgrupper + DIY-tips!