Built in shower shelves. (Michelle LeBlanc, Owner Of Shop Mille)

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

I Carried A Watermelon / Dirty Dancing Quote Print

kitchen table.

Kitchen in mint and petrol

Cuisine avec une touche de couleur / kitchen styling - Teal and white kitchen, I love the mid-century table, the teal painted chairs, and that hanging light.

I like little tables with chairs right in the kitchen, they're so inviting

Small kitchen, green chair, small table for two // cute and simple // bright space


Till salu

Spice rack // Love this! Brilliant way to mix an original built-in kitchen (upper cabinets) with modern kitchen interior (bottom cabinets). Also: pastel colors!

Femtiotal Byggfabriken

Funkis kitchen with nice tile shelf

Stadshem - Ny funkisinteriör av modellen "Retro Banér" från Kvänum.

Jordhyttegatan 25 B


60-talsköksköket (

(ELM) really like that retro sloped cupboard, it allows more bench space access without bumping your head.


ideas for under the cupboards above the bench

. renoverad — hemtrevlig — välbevarad Nytt på hemsidan: Kjellestadsgatan 6 B, 1 ROK, 35 kvm Styling: @kvart_joanna och @elinodnegard Foto: Krister Engström #majorna #kjellestadsgatan #kitcheninspo #greenkitchen #byggnadsvård

I like the mint green kitchen.

Ideas of a cosy sleeping area with little space

Verhot – ostajan opas

Curtains as a divider


Our kitchen © Anna Malmberg


Vintage-retro kitchen in Finland.

Great apartment in Göteborg | NordicDesign

Great apartment in Göteborg

Scandinavian kitchen design is known for its brightness and simplicity. Their interior appearance has always turned faces because of their style;

Samsas by Carl Malmsten (via

Samsas sofa by Carl Malmsten by hilda