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Match bronze eye-shadow with airy, light face makeup in order to achieve an au naturale Spring look.

#Tangerine #eyeshadow Beautiful look. High Fashion. High pony. High Five.

Makeup Madness Monday (29 photos)

Orange-red eye paired with nude face and lips. And a braided top-knot for extra win.

I had this eye makeup done for my sister's wedding. Loved it! (Cover Girl: Navy blue eyeliner) Or something like this even. This is more me probably since I barely wear make-up on any other day.

{ White Liner }

Perfect alternative to conventional black eyeliner, for small eyes. White (or any light colored) eyeliner will visually open up small eyes and make them appear bigger.

Soft eyes and burgundy lip ( love the messy waves too)

Gorgeous girl: perfect blonde wavy hair with bold burgundy lips and natural eye makeup. So edgy and sexy♥

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Neon pink eye liner: <3

Sad Eyes, Dark Mind: Vera by Kendra Storm Rae, makeup artistry by Aennikin