Tant Johannas Gröna. Färgkod: S 3005-G20Y

I spend a lot of time daydreaming about bathrooms mostly because I don't have a nice one. This is so simply beautiful I can see this as a realistic option when the day comes that I can design my own bathroom

Industriell känsla i badrummet med betong och mässing. Color schemes - gray and black and copper. Toilet paper holder. Eclectic. Floor.

Industriell personlig mix

Pinterest's Most Popular Plant Placement Trend: Your Bathroom | Shower plants and hanging plants in the bathroom are trending for good reason. the humid air in most bathrooms can do the heavy lifting for you in terms of care and watering. The perfect low-maintenance alternative to fiddle leaf figs.

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A couple of weeks ago I visited Copenhagen, invited by Ferm Living for a very special dinner and the opening of The Home, their new Show.