How beautiful is Fleur #identity #packaging

How Beautiful Is Fleur Identity Packaging Branding Curated By Packaging Diva Pd Created Via Httpswww 2

A CUP OF JO: 3 ways to arrange supermarket flowers

If you're going to give away the bouquet to a friend or bring it to a dinner party, here's an easy way to wrap it: Layer a damp paper towel on top of Saran Wrap and wrap around the trimmed stems, again cut at an angle. Then cover with tissue paper;

hours of operation.

SIGNAGE Tangent Cafe—nice typography Love the kerning. The space between the letters makes this example of typography crisp and clean cut, very modern/forward-thinking feel pushed through it. This is probably a new age coffee shop.

DIY - Gold Edged Business Cards using Krylon's Metallic Spray Paint in Gold. Full Tutorial.

DIY :: Gilded Business Cards

DIY - Gold Edged Business Cards using Krylon's Metallic Spray Paint in Gold. Pro Tip: Using a color other than gold that coordinates with your business serves to create more cohesive branding.

The Loft Marketing Suite for Photographers: Impressing your clients has never been easier! #designaglow

Take advantage of this small investment to look like the most pulled together studio in town with a product that–like all Design Aglow products–pays for itself instantly. Project a cohesive brand across all your platforms with this all-in-one collection.

BAILEY Suite Rustic Package, peach, coral, blush, mint,  rustic wedding invitations, twine for invitations, floral wedding invitations, kraft wedding invitations, letterpress wedding invitations,

BAILEY Suite Rustic Package

Beautiful rustic style with our BAILEY invitation! The package includes: Invitation with blank envelope Solid or Patterned Envelope Liner Info Card Response Car

Sarah Thorne

'Fortune teller' format: unfolds to reveal details of the Mulberry show. Ebony Colorplan, with illustrated woodland scene in white & gold foil. Packaged in rigid box with 'feather' type foiled to lid. Feather type created by Craig Ward.

vellum envelope.

Lorie + David's Gold Steampunk Letterpress wedding invitations by Emily and Dianna from Fourth Year Studio

Photography Price List Template - Wedding Price Sheet - Photographer Pricing Guide - PG03

Pricing Guide Template - Price Sheet Templates Stillbrook Design Studio is dedicated to providing the best service along with one-of-a-kind designs by Stillbrook Designs