Om du har plats, fundera på att höja upp maskinerna för enklare hantering. Ytan under kan användas till förvaring.

Things That Inspire shared this photo---& interesting idea for laundry cabinets (although I can?t say I have seen built in cabinetry for laundry machines that frequently) but I can see how this would be very good for the back!& LOVE this idea!

Korgar i tvättstugan till familjemedlemmarna

Every family member gets a basket with their clean folded laundry that can be taken to their room and put away. -Could also use for each member's dirty laundry & put clean, folded laundry back in when finished.

Coin #buanderie.

Coin #buanderie.

Vägghyllor, lådor och ett torkställ

IKEA - ALGOT, Wall upright/shelves/drying rack, The parts in the ALGOT series can be combined in many different ways and easily adapted to your needs and space.Perfect by your washing machine and dryer because it gives you plenty of room to hang, fol