I hope couples everywhere celebrate their love doing the weekend in intimacy and love. That's the gift of life. Take the clothes off!!

My 'bucket' with my sexy wife Suz by my side ( life simply doesn't get better ) not for me - others may call this boring , but I certainly don't ✔️

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Kom ihåg: > So far you've survived of your worst days. You doing excellent.

Pippi Longstocking: "I have never tried this, so I'm sure I can do it!"

this character should be every adventurous womans go to for inspiration on how to live your life Pippi Longstocking: "I have never tried this, so I'm sure I can do it!

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I'm sure I think about you more though, I'm like a fleeting interest, only when it good for you.


Everything is going to be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end Good to remember. I heard this quote on The Marigold Hotel.

Jag hittade världens sötaste bok på biblioteket med. "Istället för en blomma" hette den. Aw. Den innehöll små teckningar med söta små texter till. Några söta exempel ur boken: .

Husband Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife, Proves Love Is In The Little Things

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Translate: Things I didn't learn in school: -how to buy a house -pay bills -getting a job But shit thanks for learning what Hitlers grandfathers name was and learning how to know the surface of a blueberry.