Elsa Beskow - pepparkakor!

Elsa Beskow was the illustrator that shaped my taste I think. The books my mother had loved as a child in Sweden were passed on to me and I poured over every detail and loved them too. --- I too Elsa Beskow.


Watering the garden ~ Elsa Beskow


Elsa Beskow (Swedish, - The Star Boys - one of them walks right at the back of all the Santa Lucia girls.

November - Elsa Beskow

November - Elsa Beskow - I'm stuck with November being at the end of Autumn but also at the beginning of Winter!

Fast asleep  (1909)

pinkagony: “ Elsa Maartman Beskow Fast Asleep from Daumelischen by Hans Christian Andersen published in 1909 ”


Flower children by Elsa Beskow


Mushroom Children , Elsa Beskow From the book Children of the Forest


October illustration by Elsa Beskow

Juni by Elsa Beskow

senses-working-overtime: June by Elsa Beskow svensk sommar


December - Elsa Beskow "Months of the Year"


Elsa Beskow--Swedish fairytales are the bestest