Nothing goes as planned, everything will break, people say goodbye, in their own special way

Pandora hearts ♡♡♡ anime cuts off, read the manga! They are still writing it!

Pandora Hearts - There is a monster in all of us

Pandora Hearts - "There is a monster in us all. Some people just hide it better than others." (Oz, Vincent, and Break)

Pandora Hearts alice and oz hugging like cuties X3

Pandora Hearts alice and oz hugging like cuties Love this manga-anime a lot!

Pandora Hearts: Xerxes Break

Pandora Hearts: Xerxes Break I LOVE this. That quote is beautiful and so is the picture.

Pandora Hearts - Oz & Alice

these two always look cute together as a couple.Alice and Oz-kun~ Pandora Hearts : Original Artwork

Ever wondered if there was an PH Host Club? Well....

Pandora Host club by LiyiBezarius Pandora Hearts Omake xD "Maidora Hearts"

Pandora Hearts - Oz Bezarius

Oz Bezarius crushaholic if that was a thing I would be a fictional CRUSHAHOLIC