Sara Granér
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"Les Disques" Fernand Leger 1918. Pivotal figure in early 20th century modernism. Contemporary of Mondrian, Delaunay, Picasso, influenced Stuart Davis, Roy Lichtenstein and many more.

Fernand Leger - Discs, 1918 - Leger shows how he favored primary colors. The colors give a consistent feel along with the abstract shapes. The use of the machinery style can also be seen in this piece.

Louise Lockhart is an illustrator who creates unusual handmade party games, stationery, apparel and more for her company The Printed Peanut. Louise

Large print made from arranged paper cut outs and paintings, scanned in and arranged and then printed as a risograph, then digitally reproduced. Made for a series of riso postcards for The Printed Peanut