shrinking chip bags in the oven to make keyrings---BRILLIANT!! ?????? so curious, I just want to try it

Shrink a Bag of Chips

wash so all the chip crumbs and oils are out of the bag - gently dry with a paper towel. Place the bag on a greased piece of tin foil covering the baking sheet and put it into an oven set around and melt to the size you want. Small bags keyrings etc.

DIY :: Lego Keychain I need to do this for Fred, ALWAYS losing his keys. Wonder if I could make one strong enough for his wallet too!?! Haha

egos As A Key Holder I grew up obsessed with Legos. This might explain my love for this Lego key holder idea. And, there’s no drilling required if you use the Lego bricks to connect to your keys.

old siverware into keychains

DIY Craft Projects using Old Vintage Windows - Trash to Treasure - Architectural Salvage Old silverware to make key chain.

Easy to Decorate Wooden Keychain #DIY #paint #accessory

Easy-to-decorate wooden keychains

You can use old credit cards, cut to size. glue on scrapbook paper, pictures, stickers... add a layer of mod podge to seal.

More ACTION...and...finally, instructions for my key chain!!!

Keychain - Use old credit cards/gift cards, cut to size - Glue on scrapbook paper, pictures, stickers, embellishments etc - Paint a layer of mod podge to seal - Great project!

Keychain made out of old pop can

25 DIY Handmade Gift Tutorials Part 2

DIY Pop Can Key Chain. This Diet Coke key chain uses Mod Podge Dimensional Magic coating. Just cut out shapes, glue together two shapes of the same size for double sided shapes, punch a hole and then press and let dry. Once shapes are joined and dry, add