Brownie Butter Cake thick brownie and rich butter cake. Brownie Butter Cake thick brownie and rich butter cake Brownie Butter Cake thick brownie and rich butter cake combined into one decadent and to-die-for cake! for Christmas

red velvet cheesecake THIS IS NOT A RECIPE Use your favorite red velvet cake (I like "Grandmother Paula's" from food network) and your favorite cheesecake. Torte your red velvet, trim your cheesecake, frost lightly with cream cheese and coat with crumbs.

I do this in mason jars and enjoy much more that eating out of plastic at lunch. salad in a jar: Easy to pack for lunch.and stops soggy salad

Parisian Carrots @ 55 days A great little round carrot that is a nineteenth-century French heirloom. "Excels in clay or rocky soil where other carrots have problems developing properly".

This recipes calls for a thick Oreo cookie crust combined with creamy cheesecake filling, studded with chunks of Triple Double Oreos to create a deliciously rich dessert! Click through for recipe!

Crispy Quinoa Cakes with Roasted Red Pepper Cashew Cream

Crispy quinoa cakes with roasted red pepper cashew cream. I want to try the roasted red pepper cashew cream

Melon balls in lemon or lime skins. you could make lemon-lime aid so the inside doesnt go to waste

No Bake Nutella Cheesecakes Recipe. Oreo cookie crumbs create the foundation for a creamy, fluffy Nutella and cream cheese mixture finished with chocolate curls and toasted, chopped hazelnuts, you’ll have a quick, delicious dessert perfect for any meal!

Mediterranean light and yummy quinoa salad. A nice side to some grilled steak or chicken for dinner or even a good light dinner. Its full of protein from the quinoa and loaded with tons of antioxidants from the tomatoes, olives, and spinach.

Dessa ljuvliga små kolagodis är oemotståndligt goda. En blandning mellan godis och spröda kakor. Det är en mördeg som täcks med en knäckig kolasmet full med nötter.