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Glasflaskor blir vackra lampor

Wine bottles are one of the amazing materials that can be used in countless ways if you're into upcycling, but we're partial to using them as decor. Brush up on your glass-cutting skills, and see 15 ways to use gorgeous glass bottles into your home!


Great use for old crystal! leaded glass crystal vases and decanters are made into a stylish light fixture. Get the chandelier look with a unique feel. Dishfunctional Designs: Creative Things To Make With Old Crystal & Glassware

Gold Toy Lamp by Ryan McElhinney

Perfect for a kids room and all those old plastic “guys” lying around. Glue ‘em together for a lamp base. Designer Ryan McElhinney did that with ‘Gold Toy Lamp’. All the pieces are covered with gold polyurethane lacquer.

Action figure lamp- glue old action figures to lamp post- primer-paint gold- tada!

Jessy Ratfink created a fantastic DIY upcycle design Lamp made out of a bunch of old action figures.


Old, or New Toys = New Lamp! Get a lamp, get some toys (or whatever items you want), get your hot-glue gun, and start gluing items onto the lamp! Spray paint the whole thing when finished and tada! New lamp!


Put an old stuffed animal in a frame—What a fun way to preserve a childhood favorite! Site is in Portuguese, but it shows some cute ideas for shadow boxes and pictures using stuffed animals.