Thet never know when they motivate you the same moment they are struggling to collect their pieces

I've always liked quiet people. You never know if they're dancing in a daydream or if they're carrying the weight of the world.

It's all about who you look for in a crowded room. That's where your heart belongs.

but even in that crowded room, its like were the only two souls living, breathing, dreaming among the many others who simply seem to be only existing around the magic we are compelled to create with one another.

Some were true but most just upset my stomach, remembering some of your shows of intolerance, short temper, the bravado you strutted but couldn't back up , it just was wrong in so many ways

and mumbles in that sleepy sexy bedroom voice....I love you baby girl #myman #myboo #inhisarmseverynight #terryanddenisee #noonewilleverloveyoulikethis

and mumbles in that sleepy sexy bedroom voice.I love you. I hope my future husband does this

I really do love you and miss you every day you have been out of my life.

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This poem says to not give your everything to certain people. Many of them are always changing and once they do, it can hurt you. It tries to explain to not get too comfortable with some people since the ending result can leave you with a painful memory.

Tell him offfffffffffffff good grief XP like that is just terrible.. not because I like u buttt dude.. he just needs to stop.. ughhhh I hate my life...

If you are only a minute clean I am proud of you. If you are today, even if only a little, I am proud of you.

I dont know what I am afraid of.....

I know that you would do just about anything to see me again. But when you do. That knowing, You would make a tremendous fool out of yourself again if I let you. I won't let you do that.

I will never stop loving you or improving myself. You WILL see that things in a person can change for the better, if they want it snd the reward is great enough..... and your more than enough..

I cannot unlove You. I cannot forget the way your voice sounded, I cannot forget the way your lips felt, I cannot forget the way You looked . I cannot forget the way You made everything okay, I cannot unlove You and it is killing me.