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Growing your own food: What's for lunch? Whats For Lunch, Grow Your Own Food, Lunches And Dinners, Easy Cooking, Simply Beautiful, Acre, Countryside, Harvest, Lifestyle

Growing your own food: What's for lunch? – Sara's Kitchen Garden

I love going to the garden on a scavenger hunt for our daily lunches. My goal is to be completely self-sufficient by next year, and I think we'll get there. Growing your own food is so rewarding. But I couldn't do it without my polytunnels. Read this post to learn more about how I grow my own food!

How to make your own colorful summer bouquet, summer flowers, DIY summer bouquet, countryside lifestyle Make Your Own, Make It Yourself, How To Make, Summer Flowers, Countryside, Bouquet, Colorful, Lifestyle, Garden

Making your own summer bouquets – Sara's Kitchen Garden

Making your own summer bouquets is so fun! I pick the flowers here in my own garden, and sometimes add something edible too. Do you want to make your own festive bouquets too? Read this post to see how it'd done!

Getting a Newfoundland dog. Tips and thoughts about buying a Newfoundland dog. Swedish countryside life with a dog. Newfoundland, Countryside, Thoughts, Dogs, Cute, Stuff To Buy, Animals, Animales, Animaux

Getting a Newfoundland dog – Sara's Kitchen Garden

I absolutely love Newfoundland dogs. There are so many reasons to adore them. Newfoundlands are kind, fluffy and wonderful companions. Read this post if you're thinking about getting a Newfoundland dog.

How to child-proof hour garden! Important garden tips! Lose Stomach Fat Diet, My Stomach Hurts, Healthy Mummy Smoothie, Acai Berry Powder, Branch Chain Amino Acids, Child Proof, Sea Plants, Vegetable Protein, Sports Drink

Remember to child-proof your garden – Sara's Kitchen Garden

This post is about my worst parenting experience ever. Thinking about it still makes my stomach hurt. Remember to child-proof your garden so that you do don't have to live through what I did!

My garden early morning in May Early Morning, Countryside, Knitted Hats, Popular, Knitting, Life, Tricot, Knit Caps, Most Popular

My garden early morning in May

Sara’s Kitchen Garden is Scandinavia’s most popular blog about gardening and self-sufficiency. The blog is run by journalist and writer Sara Bäckmo who blogs...

How to grow summer flowers in you kitchen garden. Self-sown summer flowers. How to become self-sufficient on less than 1 acre. Growing Veggies, Summer Flowers, Acre, Countryside, How To Become, Self, Garden, Kitchen, Plants

Self-sown summer flowers

All summer flowers do not need to be sown over and over again. If you learn to recognize how the tiny, new plants look, you can let the flowers sow their own...

Live from my polytunnel. Spring in my polytunnel. How to be self-sufficient on less than 1 acre. Cabbage Plant, Garden Living, Acre, Countryside, Spring, Day, Mornings

A day in the garden - live

Friday evening in Sweden. I show you my wintersown tomatoes and lovely cabbage plants. Follow Sara’s Kitchen Garden at: Facebook:

Live from my kitchen garden. Life in Sweden, countryside life in Sweden. Garden Living, Countryside, Sweden, Live, Crochet, Day, Kitchen, Cooking, Crochet Crop Top

Why I garden - live day 7

So much has happened in my garden today! I'm very proud of my kitchen garden, watching how all the work turns out. In my last live stream for this week I als...

Live from my kitchen garden and polytunnel in a nordic climate. Tasting my pak choi. Countryside, Live, Day, Garden, Kitchen, Plants, Cooking, Lawn And Garden, Gardens

Tasting extra dwarf pak choi - live day 6

Day six of my Youtube challenge. This is so exciting! I'm tasting a new variety of pak choi. A mini, mini variety. This week I will do a live-stream each day...

Live streaming from my kitchen garden and polytunnel. How to be self-sufficient on less than 1 acre. Acre, Countryside, Day, Garden, Kitchen, Cooking, Mornings, Lawn And Garden, Gardens

Who am I? - live day 5

Livestream day five - time to tell a bit more about myself. For you who are a new subscriber or maybe an old, but curious one! This week I will do a live-str...

Swedish countryside living, how to be self-sufficient.on less than 1 acre.Family life in the Swedish countryside. Family Life, Acre, Countryside, Self, Children, Young Children, Boys, Mornings, Kids

An afternoon with the children - live day 4

Time for my fourth livestream this week! I have another lovely afternoon in the garden with my kids and talk about how we work together. This week I will do ...

Live stream from my polytunnel. What I am growing in my polytunnel during spring. Spring Is Here, Kids Playing, Countryside, Day, Plants, Life, Beautiful, Plant

Fantastic morning - live day 3

Today spring is here! I start this live-stream in my polytunnel showing you beautiful plants and then talk a bit about how my children play in the garden. An...

Live stream from my Swedish kitchen garden. How to be self-sufficient on less than 1 acre. Swedish Kitchen, Winter Day, Acre, Countryside, Dreadlocks, Hair Styles, Garden, Beauty, Hair Plait Styles

Last winter day? - live day 2

A late afternoon, freezing cold in Sweden. Welcome to join in on my livestream this day, witch I hope is the last day of the winter. This week I will do a li...

Live from my polytunnel during Swedish spring. Countryside lifestyle in Sweden. How to be self-sufficient on less than 1 acre. Each Day, Acre, Countryside, Sweden, Lifestyle, Spring, Mornings

One live-stream each day for a week - day 1

This week I will do a live-stream each day from my garden. It is a bit tricky to give you a message before I go live since I am in another time zone and my d...

My Polytunnel, how to be self-sufficient in less than 1 acre. What I am sowing during winter in my polytunnel. Savoy Cabbage, Harvest Season, Acre, Countryside, Winter, Winter Time, Mornings, Kale

Wednesday in my garden

So nice to do a live-stream to keep you updated on my garden work. Check the newly planted savoy cabbages and all my blueberry-cuttings from last year. Is th...

Harvesting vegetables in autumn. Harvesting for my breakfast. How to be self-sufficient on less than 1 acre. Harvest Season, Winter Season, Early Morning, Acre, Countryside, Outdoor Structures, Seasons, Autumn, Vegetables

The euphoria of early morning harvests (fall 2016)

Every Saturday, I go out into my garden to harvest vegetables for the family breakfast. There’s something magical about walking in the garden in the early mo...