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How To Measure Your Face To Find The Perfect Sunglasses - YouTube

How to Find the Sunglasses Style to Fit Your Face Shape

Beach season is just around the corner, which means one thing for anyone heading to a beach or pool at some point: it’s time to put on a bathing suit. No matter what your weight is, what you look like, or where you come from, putting on a swimsuit, especially a bikini, can be a little intimidating. Wearing a bikini is essentially the same thing as walking around in your underwear, and wearing a one-piece or tankini isn’t much different.

Find your fit. Protect your eyes from the sun this season with the perfect glasses courtesy of our fit guide. We've curated a list of must-have summer accessories in partnership with the Melanoma Research Alliance to help protect you against the sun's dam

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A makeup guide for your face shape. Know exactly what you are working with to master the best makeup techniques for your face shape!