Taking ground cover to a whole new level!

Landscape that has good form (tree, house, boulders, steps) but softens hard items with all the ground cover. The green also heightens the design without being too busy.

Typ nått i stil med detta önskar jag mig! Kanske en ide för hönsgård?

Small and simple backyard garden with individual beds, pots, and small garden trees. Good idea for back yard rather than one long garden bed?


VERY PRETTY. I think this would be quirky as a wall decor item! DIY Leaf Garden Stone - what a fun weekend project! - That is if you have a leaf that big in your yard.


Terrific use of planters to frame your deck area. Mix mosquito repellent plants in to keep sitting outdoors enjoyable!

Inspiration - Gångar

Picture 8 : Path to west side of house potential Gång kantad med sjösingel och…


Gardening Autumn - fleurs dautomne chou dornement - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations

Blomsterkullen - Sveriges vackraste trädgård 2011 - viivilla.se

Sweden-Flower Hill - This would work on my front yard as it has a steep slope to the street. - Flower Beds and Gardens

För några veckor sedan gjorde jag enkla små stenskyltar till vårt växthus där barnen planterat sina egna grönsaker och kryddväxter. ———- A few weeks ago I made these plant markers for our greenhouse w

Stenskyltar till trädgården – Pebble plant markers (Craft & Creativity)