handmade cards ... clean and simple ... upcycled paint chips ... triange trees ... don't know where they still have these ombre strips but could use strips of coordinating cardstock ...

10 Amazing Simple Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas (With Tutorials

DIY Christmas gifts instead of buying them in the shops because DIY projects can save money as well as show your heart to your friends and family members.

Visually interesting to place the greeting on the string of the ornament.

Creative Inspirations: JayGee's Nook - merry christmas The straight lines and round ornaments in black, white and grey make a stunning handmade Christmas card. If you prefer pops of color, change up the bling on the ornaments or the color of the sentiment

Handstand Snowmen - lol. Via blog.candiquik.com

Handstand Snowmen

Handstand Snowmen - unFrozen Curriculum Snack Idea I can eat and eat and do handstands maybe but not as good as this guy.

34 julkort holiday card - 101ideer.se

DIY Cards DIY Paper Craft : DIY Simple Gift Card DIY Projects If you have a passion for arts and crafts you will really like this cool site!

35 snow(o)man kids craft - 101ideer.se

Snowman place stetting for a super cute holiday table and other great Easy Christmas Decorations

Välkommen in.... till mitt vinterparadis och fritidshus eller  mitt andra hus, kanske jag ska säga... För fyra år sedan till jul stod hus...

Awesome way to dress up plain pillars for the holidays! Moss ribbon and twine. Winter, Christmas and winder holiday DIY and Beautiful Candle and candle holder ideas using Tapers, pillars, and tealight candles or LED candles.