Prayer to Clear My Mind - Acts 24:16 – This being so, I myself always strive to have a conscience without offense toward God and men.”

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Power of Prayer by Benny_Hinn, via Flickr

Prayers should be the key in the morning and the lock at night. (or like my dear Mother-In-Law, Lilyan used to say: Tell God 'Good morning, Lord. Please be with me today.' & before you go to bed, tell Him,

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Inspirational Bible and God Quotes that will make you smile, love and cry.

Everyone needs a good spiritual cleansing at least once or preferably twice a year. You can find more ways of cleansing and some different spells here. A cleansing prayer posted by Dark Raven Related

Getting your feeling in order and starting your days right. We need too be happy with our life.things will happen! But it's ok cleanse your mind of negative thoughts.and walk out your door feeling good about your day.

1Corinthians10:13- To The Girl Fighting Temptations. Read here what you need to remember when fighting temptations.

Planning for Let's start with 31 daily prayers for the future. Read day 30 of the month long prayer challenge.

Prayer Journal Template.  Great way to organize your thoughts and keep your prayers focused and sincere

A Mother's Best Friend: How to Do a Prayer Journal - Mother's Niche. Free printable template to help focus on daily prayer.