Hotel La Montana Magica

I LOVE Chile. When I go back I will have to stop here: Hotel La Montaña Mágica, Huilo-Huilo, Chile

Ding Dong Ditch…

Ding Dong Ditch…

And another reason why women live longer than men. More like ding dong ditch level stupid.

Yes. Yes I do.

I always thought it was just literally a pool of cranberries. Like, a pool filled with cranberries, nothing else. No water, just cranberries. Not even kidding. I thought that until like, last year hen I was

barb wire chandelier

Barbed wire and crystal. rusty and sharp with elegant and sparkly. my kind of contrast (How hard would this actually be? Have plenty of barbed wire in the barn. Paint it, or leave it rusty?) What a wedding piece!