Grew up in the 90's

You might be a kid, if. I just had flashbacks to my childhood. I miss old school Lisa Frank. Also, my Beanie Babies aren't worth the millions I thought they were going to be.

I was crying from laughing so hard!!!

This is one of the funniest autocorrect things I've read in a long time. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard


LOL* Condoms prevent minivans ya know if this was on the underside of a beer bottle cap I'd say genius placement.

Can't unsee.

Can't unsee.

As a Game of Thrones and Mario geek of epic proportions, I wholly approve

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kim: I lost my earrings in the ocean. Kourtney: Kim, there's people that are dying.

You go dog!

And he deserves it.How many likes in support of people that dump pets not being allowed to adopt more? LIKE our page if you love pets:.

It was the cat.

Funny pictures about Just had a bad dream. Oh, and cool pics about Just had a bad dream. Also, Just had a bad dream photos.

48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old . Wondering why Steve from Blues Clues looks so gross in this picture. There was some funny stuff here.

That just spells ages of therapy

Funny pictures about And Adorable Cosplay. Oh, and cool pics about And Adorable Cosplay. Also, And Adorable Cosplay photos.