I wonder if she came with a saddle.

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Designer Mark Shanley turned negative client comments into funny posters.

We found some of the worst client comments turned into posters and decided to share them with you too and laugh together! These cool posters were made by some really talented designers.

Funny cat

Cat is the most cutest animal in the world. We share with you 31 funny cats pictures make you laugh every time in London, UK.

Designer Mark Shanley turned negative client comments into funny posters.

"The target audience is males and females aged zero and up." (may also be heard as "our audience is everyone.") Worst Client Comments Turned Into Posters

So long as I don’t make a sound, those bears will never know I’m here… Photographer sets up tripod and camouflage gear - unaware there is a giant bear right behind him

These are the amazing scenes when a wildlife photographer in Russia thought he was about to get some unbelievable images of a female bear and her cubs on the banks of a river.

Putting on your pants.

Poorly Dressed - Page 62 - Seriously Questionable Style Moments - fashion fail - Cheezburger

Cyborg eyeball.

Pic from today Russia-Slovenia hockey match at Sochi - funny, russia-slovenia, hockey, match, sochi.


23 Hilarious 'I Think You're Missing the Point' Pictures -Eat the Cat


Funny pictures about A Very Secure Door. Oh, and cool pics about A Very Secure Door. Also, A Very Secure Door photos.