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My favorite moment of the movie. His tiny smile is the best. It said so much more than anything of his lines to me.

I like that the film allowed a building of a relationship based on shared likes and humour -rather than proximity and what my husband insists is Stockholm syndrome.

Oh this is so brilliant!

Funny pictures about Lion King meets Harry Potter. Oh, and cool pics about Lion King meets Harry Potter. Also, Lion King meets Harry Potter.

This makes me really happy

OMG the feels! Why can't JK Rowling write at least one book about the second generation and their shenanigans? ---- I've pinned this before but this is literally my favourite thing ever . i cant even.

How I Met Your Mother refference in Harry Potter... Not sure I like that they didn't credit HIMYM

Did nobody realize that this is a crossover of an episode of "How I Met Your Mother".