Canals of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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T-Centralen i Stockholm, Sverige

T-Centralen Station, Stockholm, Sweden - One of the World's most beautiful subway stations.

Love Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a stylish and civilized city… A Unique City Shaped By Nature. The best time to have A Taste of Stockholm (June) is in the summer. Stockholm-Sweden is world famous for being stunningly beautiful.

Oslo - Norway

Oslo skyline and shoreline, the most modern part of the city, Oslo - Norway.


Wir zeigen unsere Heimatliebe

So this is the poster I had been working on and just posted details until now. It’s my entry for the City Poster Contest Please go to this site and vote for my poster. If my poster gets printed.

Rasti en New Wonderful Photos: Mad Building – Oslo, Norway

Not sure if it's a house but it is cool. Just hope the wind doesn't blow to hard MAD building – Oslo, Norway – MAD arkitekter Flatiron build.