Why not live in a ship!? ~ This was a lake freighter on the Great Lakes and was turned into a home on the island of Put-In-Bay, Ohio, location of several battles of the War of 1812.

Cruise Ship House, Ohio I wanna see this gourde must be at lake Erie?

House boats aren't for me, but this looks awesome

Ein Hausboot in Hamburg: Ein Hausboot: Traum aus Holz

House & Boat House

This house boat has a wraparound porch, and a 2 boat garage on Lake Rosseau in Muskoka.I want to own a cottage there!

Very romantic houseboats. Reminds me of Renaissance Venice  Tags: houseboat, travel, Venice, Renaissance, vacation, boat, ships, water

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Houseboats of Kashmir. Located far north in the Himalayas, famous for its wooden houseboats, many of which are stationary and are rented out as hotel suites.

House boat?

You’ll want to book a room at the Solar Floating Island Resort when it comes to fruition in The Maldives. This incredible new concept hotel is completely powered by solar power, and yeah, it floats.

LouBoosAndShoes shares a lovely site that draws one in to the feast.

well not necessarily greece, but that is a cool floating dock/house/boat

Hong Kong, by suburbanvoodoo   junk is the name of this house boat, if I am spelling it right

Taken from Kowloon one hazy afternoon in Hong Kong. This typifies Hong Kong to me. Lots of tradition, lots of modern and lots of pollution. A very cool place :-)

Gives new meaning to house boat - wow

Filthy Rich Dream Wish List, maybe I'll buy this from my next check!

House boat

Luxury yachts are a common sight in the waters of the Andaman Sea. These luxury yachts are frequently rented by Westerners who wants to have a tranquil day in the waters of the Andaman Sea.

Hamburg, Germany, Floating Home-- want (but at half that size).

The Houseboat on the Eilbekkanal by Rost Niderehe Architects. Located in Eilbekkanal, Hamburg, Germany,