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Sebastian Petersson

Sebastian Petersson
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This NASA Hubble Space Telescope image, which is even more dramatic than fiction, captures the chaotic activity atop a three-light-year-tall pillar of gas and dust that is being eaten away by the brilliant light from nearby bright stars

Arp 271 — Galaxies Drawn Together* | ESO United Kingdom. Image credit: ESO

NGC 5426 and NGC 5427 are two spiral galaxies of similar sizes engaged in a dramatic dance. Located 90 million light-years away towards the constellation of Virgo (the Virgin), the Arp 271 pair is about 130 000 light-years across.

A dying star throws a cosmic tantrum in this combined image from Nasa's Spitzer Space Telescope and the Galaxy Evolution Explorer. The star's dusty outer layers are unraveling into space, glowing from the intense ultraviolet radiation being pumped out by the hot stellar core. This object, called the Helix nebula, lies 650 light years away in the constellation of Aquarius. Photograph: NASA/AP

With the ‘big rip’ bearing down on us, let’s get out there and catch the must-see sights of a slowly dying universe


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