Custom box patterns

Shaped Gift Box Patterns Great to learn about nets. Challenge/extension, develop own net to form a box.

This looks like a scene from a video game...

Funny pictures about Giant Leatherback sea turtle. Oh, and cool pics about Giant Leatherback sea turtle. Also, Giant Leatherback sea turtle.

Absolute zero to absolute hot

How cold is the coldest place in the Universe, that we know of? What's the lowest man-made temperature ever achieved? And just how many zeroes are needed to express 'absolute hot', after which the fundamentals of conventional physics start to break.

ocPQCRj.jpg (2482×1755)

Our most common atlases are distorting the relative size of countries around the world, so German software and graphics designer, Kai Krause, made this map to set the record straight. "Africa is so mind-numbingly immense, that it exceeds the common.

Pet graph

The Official "Fun vs Effort" Graph of Pets. Clearly dragons are the superior pet choice.

Flow chart of bank consolidations.

The nation's 10 largest financial institutions hold 54 percent of our total financial assets; in they held 20 percent. In the meantime, the number of banks has dropped from more than to about Some major mergers and acquisitions over the past 20 years:

Bridge being demolished. Awesome!

The old steel bridge across the Colorado River in Marble Falls, TX goes down in super slo-mo!

In praise of Tesla’s bankruptcy – TechCrunch

You know everybody loves Tesla-the-company. But did you know that a whole lot of smart people hate Tesla-the-business?

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