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Orbit Tiltable LED Surface/Recess Light The tiltable centre section of this fitting allows you to direct the light to the position on the worktop or in a cabinet as you require.

Sensio Furniture Lighting Solutions

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No LED Dots, designed for under cabinet LED lighting.

Sensio Furniture Lighting Solutions

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SensioPod Pull Up Power Socket with USB

SensioPod Pull up Socket (Aluminium)

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a fridge that grows plants

a fridge that grows plants

Kitchen lab, Nienke van de Pol

nienke_van_de_pol | Studio Nienke van de Pol

The Kitchen of the future - Very cool kitchen with great use of space ecological solutions - the difficulty has always been to make it easy for people to be eco friendly - this seems to do the job.

15 Fantastically Futuristic Plant Growing Design Concepts - WebEcoist

Not all of us own land for farming, but even urban dwellers can grow gardens and plants. There are more and more fantastic green living concepts being designed for people who want to try out their green thumb. Here are 15 fantastically futuristic plant growing design concepts. One Pot, Two Lives (image credits: Yanko

Kitchens of the Future

Kitchens of the Future

Inspirational pictures of Futuristic Kitchen Concepts

Modern kitchen


Unusual Uses For Nail Polish | Homesessive

Kitchen of the future Future technology
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Kitchen of the future Future technology

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Pretty amazing accomplishment really: Compact Kitchen Design by Snaidero - Board.

Pretty amazing accomplishment really: Compact Kitchen Design by Snaidero - Board.

Touch screen kitchen work surface - awesome!

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Amazing Kitchen Nano Garden concept by Hyundai.