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Collection by Dr. Serdar Kipdemir/Dr. Instructor /Calligrapher/Lettering/Artist

Dr. Serdar Kipdemir/Dr. Instructor /Calligrapher/Lettering/Artist

Introducing the designs of Maria Dahlgren

Today I wanted to introduce you the work of the amazing Scandinavian designer Maria Dahlgren! I first came across Maria’s work during a trip to IKEA when I picked up one of their KORT Art pac…

Didot Font Poster by elmyc on DeviantArt

This is a poster made for the didot font, as the american typewriter poster this one is made with only the letters in the world didot, being from Paris ... Didot Font Poster

Goudy Old Style Font Family Poster-- I love typography, and designing Font Family posters is one of my favorite exercises.

Goudy Old Style Poster

My goal was to create a spec-sheet-like poster for the Goudy Old Style font family. I wanted to show how the fonts could be used, and show off their style in a dynamic and eye catching way. Playing with fonts is one of my favorite exercises.

#typographyposter Garamond Poster | I like that the information is in the letter G. Of course the pink and black attracted my eyes as well.

Garamond Poster

This was the first design project I was ever assigned. In this project I was required to display several specific ements of the Garamond family and was allowed only one color.


Recent Creative Inspiration on Designspiration

Recent Creative Inspiration on Designspiration

Galerie / 16 affiches typos des étudiants de Penninghen / étapes: design & culture visuelle

16 affiches typos des étudiants de Penninghen - étapes:

Sur son blog consacré à la typographie, Muriel Paris, graphiste et typographe française, dévoile les créations des étudiants réalisées lors de ses cours. Dernièrement elle y présente les travaux des élèves de troisième année d’arts graphiques de l’ESAG-Penninghen : des affiches-spécimens faisant « une présentation fonctionnelle, esthétique et pédagogique d’un grand caractère de l’histoire typographique ». On…