Writing prompt pictures:  I asked my mother for a puppy but she came home from the shelter with a...

pinners beware: The Awesome Power of Photoshop! (Yeah seriously guys stop posting mythical animals and people's heads on the wrong bodies, it is not hard to spot a photoshop job if you use your brain) Weird!

Vintage Bubo Noctua Maxima Owl Bird Print (Wall Hanging Owl Decor) 18th Century Illustration Art (Book Plate No. 7 For-You-To-Frame). $5.00, via Etsy.

Owl Print, Bubo Noctua Maxima, Owl Wall Art Decor (Great Painters Artist Bird Illustration To Frame) No.

Annie Montgomerie's Textile Dolls - Google Search

Annie Montgomerie's Textile Dolls: combines animal heads made from hardened shredded muslin with vintage doll bodies that are dressed with old clothes and accessories added.

Annie Montgomerie's Textile Dolls - Google Search

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