this is absolutely true. When two people have real love for eachother, there is no disrespect, there is no mistrust, there are no lies. Real love is effortless and wonderful and I am blessed to have a REAL man who REALLY loves me

neon lights

asylum-art: “ Tim Etchells These neon signs are not your everyday signs that invite you in to an open shop or direct you to the nearest exit. Rather, visual artist Tim Etchells uses more complex text.

When she left with Charlie in the Academy story.

Hayden have a habit to write poems about her feelings. {When she and peter doesn't talk anymore}

You're my Wonderwall.xx (and ripe little peach) Wonderwall; Someone you find yourself thinking about all the time, the person you are completely infatuated with oasis

Yes very true!!!

This may be true. But all i know is that I think about the same person every night before I fall asleep and he is the first person in my mind as soon as i wake up.

just get the "more than a lil bit" out of there and the poetick iz perfect ok thx bai

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